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eManager for ease, efficiency & excellence

Ease, efficiency & excellence leading to progress

And Schoolemanager is designed to ensure your progress through automation for operational comfort, efficiency & organisational excellence. 


Salient features:

Integrated yet practical & flexible!

Desktop modules covering all aspects of the school. Simple, easy-to-use internet update and access mechanisms.

Modules for operations, institution management, academic management and even academics.

Student database and Parent database are far beyond names and contact details
Fees system empowers you to define your own fee types, fee structure and accouning relationships for all your fees while ensuring simplicity of usage
Timetable creation to teaching schedule prepartion and monitoring. 
Academics documentation in addition to question bank module for question bank creation and on-line tests and examinations. 

CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation of CBSE) implentation including even automatic updation of marks/grade from online tests for curricular and 
relevant co-curricular subjects.
A friendly financial accounting system that collects fee receipts from the fees system automatically.
Library module to maintain library-books data, issues, returns etc

Staff attenance and payroll module.
Student attendance monitoring
Student event logs to record all relevant evidences as descriptive events for improving behavioural qualities.
Communication modules with automation and event logs for email and sms.

Cheque printing 
Contact management for various service providers, suppliers and associates.
Task management to smoothen administration
Document management to improve filing and retrieval of data and documents
In & Out register to log movement of documents & items
Asset management to track assets (locations, users, upgrades, service providers), ensure accountability and manage warranty & maintenance.