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Evaluation & Reporting

Define subjects with optionals:

Define varieties of evaluation methods-tests, assignments, projects, examinations etc,

Conduct any number of different evaluations and record the results into the computer.

Print results for each evaluation

User definable Report Card: 

Report card format is user definable.

Report card content is also user definable.

Accumulate performance across many evaluations for a tern to arrive at a performance report for a period like a term.

Online conduct of tests, evaluations, marking systems etc.

CCE of CBSE implemented in letter and spirit. 

Marks data available on the net for parents\\\' access.

Time table preparation:

World renovned program is part of the package.

Automatic creation of time table from the inputs that you give. 

All conceivable constraints are taken care of in the program that is in use in tens of 1000s of schools world wide.

Integration of the time table with the rest of the system.