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Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Can the software be customised for a school?

SchoolEmanager is a generalized, parameterised software that most schools can use as such to meet your needs. You can set up the software in such a manner that it works perfectly for you.


2. The software seems to have too many features. We need only fees accounting system.

SchoolEmanager is modular and you can use only the student database along with the fees module. If and when you want to add other modules, they can be included, even one by one.


3. Can a state syllabus school or an ICSE school use the software?

SchoolEmanager is a generalized software. The CBSE specific module is only the CCE evaluation system that has been discontinued even by CBSE. The regular evaluation system is also included in the software.


4. Is internet required to run the software?

SchoolEmanager is a desktop based software where the data is resident on one of your desktops and the other systems in the LAN can access it. No internet connection is required to run the software. You will need internet connection only to move the data to the internet for modules that give data access to the parents from their homes. 

You also need internet for remote support, if & when needed. 


5. Is the question bank a part of the software?

Question bank, at the moment, is also part of your database and have to be entirely created by your teachers. But the question bank remains from year to year and can be enhanced and improved over the years.Question bank will be entirely on the internet in the upcoming version.


6. Does the software take care of promotions, TCs etc?

The software is comprehensive and all aspects are taken care of. Also, there is maximal automation. Promotions are also automated with minimal manual work.


7. What happens if the data is corrupted or if the main system fails?

SchoolEmanager takes automatic backup at user defined intervals on multiple systems, ensuring continued data availabililty. If the server system fails, any of the nodes can be configured as the server and the software system can continue activities from the last backup time. You need to re-do the entries made after the last backup.


8. What happens if technical support is required?

We give immediate support remotely. Our software is rugged and it will not let you down. 
We have a hospital software where we have not visited for over 5 years and the software runs perfectly with no downtime caused by the software.


9. What are the precautions that the school should take for a successful implementation?

  • Total commitment from the management so that initial resistance from various quarters are addressed appropriately.
  • Total involvement during the implementation phase to plan and monitor, providing adequate manpower during the implementation period to get results immediately and in an orderly manner.
  • Ensuring participation of all including teachers, students, parents and non teaching staff with appropriate messaging and training.
  • Training staff to ensure availability of trained users in the event of absence or departures of regular operators.
  • Monitoring backup maintenance including external, preferably cloud backup and ensuring system uptime with preventive maintenance measures on the hardware.