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Question bank

Create and maintain your own question bank subjectwise, unitwise, topic wise. Prepare a question paper in seconds for any exam, with user defined weightage for each unit with question types of your choice.


Build questions of all types

  • True/false
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match the following
  • One word answers
  • Select from a list
  • Form groups
  • Short answer questions
  • Arrange in sequence
  • Label the parts
  • Jumbled letters/words
  • and many more.

Categorise the questions by unit, class, topic, duration, difficulty level

Create a question paper instantly.

Associate questions with knowledge elements

Build the annual teaching schedule class wise/subject wise and monitor it for abnormal variations. 

Associate even erroneous answers to knowledge elements and get to know areas where lack of knowledge is critical

Multiple language capability for creating questions in non-english languages. 

Conduct online tests with objective type questions and get instant evaluations done.

Tabulate marks of all students and analyse them to get to know topics that need additional teaching inputs.