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Student database

Personal data:

Date of birth, mother tongue, blood group, photo, other ID data are maintained by the system.

Family profile:

Any data that helps the school in its education plan for the child is part of the database. They include:

  • Social profile
  • Educational pofile
  • Family income.
  • Festivals and important dates of the family. 
  • Each member of the family with qualification, contact details and profile.

Educational data:

  • Academic records, curricular and co-curricular, across academic years
  • Non-academic event logs recording all relevant events of the child across years.
  • Health data across years
  • Attendance data 
  • Attendance data available on the net for parents\' access.

Maximal use of data:

Widest range of outputs:

  • ID Card
  • Bonafide/Conduct certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Fees certificate
  • Hall ticket